Who is Dre Baldwin? 
For the past 17 years, "DreAllDay" has changed the lives of over 85 million entrepreneurs, athletes and business professionals, sold  thousands of copies of his books, courses and programs, pioneered personal branding through content, and built a business that helps tens of thousands of people master their "Game" in business, sports and in life, from the inside-out.
Work On Your Game:
The Pro Athlete Mindset Applied To Business
Dre “DreAllDay” Baldwin started playing basketball at age 14. Didn’t make his high school team until his senior year — and spent that season on the bench.

5 years after his final high school game, which he watched from a great seat on the bench, Dre signed his first professional basketball contract, beginning a 9-year career.

Around that same time, Dre published his first of over 7,000+ videos and created the "Work On Your Game" brand that is synonymous with the highest level of the Mental Game.

In this engaging and inspiring keynote, you will learn the Mental Game keys Dre learned to go from a benchwarmer to a professional that apply at work, in the gym and in life.
LEarning objectives
• Creating Your Own Luck Via "The Third Day"
• Catching Up To — And Getting Past — The Competition via “Separation Days"
• Becoming "Super You" to Unlock Your Highest Level Of Confidence
• Preparing Like The Top 1% of Achievers
• Conditioning Your Mind For Success
Own The Third Day:
Produce Your Best Results On Your Toughest Days
If you’ve ever joined a gym (or re-started your workouts), you know The Third Day.

Day One, you feel great. New gym clothes, new sneakers, a new trainer… new everything! It's tough, but it’s fun to be back. 

Day Two brings some soreness, but now you have a streak going -- can't quit now! 

The Third Day, things are… different. SEVERE mental and physical fatigue. You seriously consider quitting this whole getting-in-shape scheme (again).

The Third Day is when things are no longer new and exciting, but there’s still a job to be done — and you are responsible. Staying mentally “On” is a challenge. How do you keep the momentum to finish strong?​​

In this engaging and empowering Keynote, 9-year professional athlete Dre Baldwin shares the Mental Game keys that activate you to do the work when you least feel like it. 
LEarning objectives
• Maximize Productivity on "Third Days"
• Leverage "Separation Days" To Distance Yourself From Competitors
• Unlock "Super You" -- Your Highest Level Of Confidence -- To Do Your Best Work
• Prepare To Perform Like The Top 1%
• Condition Yourself to Win Like the Champion Athlete
Bio & Video
In just 5 years, Dre Baldwin went from his high school team's bench to a 9-year professional basketball career. At the same time, Dre built a content publishing empire. 

Blogging since 2005 and publishing videos to YouTube starting in 2006, Dre has published over 8,000 videos with his content being viewed over 73 million times. Dre's daily Work On Your Game Podcast has over 4 million listeners. 

Dre has given 4 TEDxTalks and authored 29 books, including “Work On Your Game” And “The Third Day.”
Press / appearances 
"The Third Day" in professional performance magazine: 
Dre has spoken for / at:
• Boca Raton Chamber of commerce [2x] [boca raton, FL]
• Association for talent development [aTD] [atlanta, GA]
• Miami toastmasters leadership institute [TLI] [Miami, FL]
• Digital summit  [atlanta, GA]
• TEDxWestBrowardHigh [broward, FL]
• TEDxCoconutGrove [Miami, FL]
• TEDxUNLV [las vegas, NV]
• TEDxLATI [watertown, SD]
• International spa association [ISPA] [2x] [las vegas, NV]
• Maryland health & human resources association [MHHRA] [baltimore, MD]
• Midwest digital marketing conference [mDMC] [2x] [st. louis, MO]
• American society for health and human resources administration [ASHHRA] [seattle, WA]
• florida spa association [key west, FL]
• national basketball association [NBA] [10x] [USA]
• National Federation For Teaching Entrepreneurship [NFTE] [davie, FL]
• lynn university  [Boca Raton, FL]
• ClickZLive  [san francisco, CA]
• Creative Mornings [fort lauderdale, FL]
• Urban League [2x] [fort lauderdale, FL]
• Florida Department Of Juvenile Justice [margate, FL]
• project management institute South florida [PMI] [fort lauderdale, FL]
• AT&T [San antonio, FL] 
in Psychology Today magazine April 2020: 
Work On Your Game:
Use The Pro Athlete Mindset To Dominate Your Game In Business, Sports, and Life 
Your game plan for career success―from International Basketball Pro Dre Baldwin

No one knows how to turn unrelenting self-belief into hard-and-fast career results better than Dre Baldwin. When everyone and everything was telling him to give up on his goal of playing pro basketball, he got focused on his future, and met the challenge head on. In the end, Baldwin succeeded―making a living playing basketball in leagues around the world―and in these pages, he shares all his secrets.

Whether you’re just starting out in business or looking to take your career to the next level, Work On Your Game provides the strategy you need to succeed from the inside-out. Dre Baldwin, or “DreAllDay,” as his fans know him, delivers an easy-to-understand four-part model for achieving any goal. It’s based on discipline, confidence, mental toughness, and personal initiative―and it’s proven effective. 

Baldwin takes you through the steps of identifying what’s expected of you, preparing for what's coming, and conditioning your body and mind for the competitive world of business―and everything is a business.

Baldwin’s personal story of beating the odds is both inspiring and instructional. You’ll learn how to play the mental game in a way that launches you towards unparalleled achievement.
Pro basketball career
Driven by his internal competitive fire, Dre was determined to take his career to professional level, and he succeeded in doing just that starting in 2005. 

Combining his playing talents with his ability to market himself, Dre went on to a 9-year professional basketball career that took him through 8 countries in all, including Lithuania, Montenegro, Germany, Mexico, Croatia and Slovakia. 

In 2014, Dre wrote The Overseas Basketball Blueprint, the first and only reference guide for playing professional basketball abroad. To date, thousands of players have learned about the pro game and what steps to take to create their own careers through Dre. 
Building a brand
Even before his pro basketball career had began, Dre started sharing his thoughts and his journey online through blogging starting in May 2005. Less than a year later, Dre published his first video -- a highlight clip from a pro basketball exposure camp he'd attended -- to a new website called "YouTube." 

Dre's basketball training videos, the first "athlete workout" videos ever shared online by anyone in any sport, quickly caught fire, making Dre's name more known to YouTube viewers than even his professional playing career. 

Dre leveraged that popularity into branding and marketing campaigns with Nike, Wendy's, Gatorade, the NBA, G-League, Buick, STASH, Jordan Brand, Samsung, and many more. 
Work On Your Game 
While sharing so much free content online, many in Dre's audience wanted more from Dre -- and Dre decided to provide it to them in a structured way. In 2009, Dre formed Work On Your Game Inc. and began selling his own programs and courses that covered basketball and the Mental Game tools of Discipline, Confidence, Mental Toughness & Personal Initiative. 

As of this writing, Dre has created over 400 products, from his 25 books to training programs for athletes to online courses for entrepreneurs and professionals to his many audio MasterClasses. 

The success of Dre's programs allowed him to make the seamless transition from playing professional basketball into entrepreneurship in 2015. Dre detailed his journey, and the tools he developed to make it happen, in his 2019 book, Work On Your Game: Use The Pro Athlete Mindset To Dominate Your Game In Business, Sports, and Life. 
Work On Your Game
daily Audio Masterclass 
Work On Your Game is the DAILY show where you learn the Discipline to show up every day, the Confidence to put yourself out there boldly and authentically, the Mental Toughness to continue showing up and putting yourself out there -- even when things aren't working in your favor, and the Personal Initiative to make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. 
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who is dre baldwin?
For the past 15 years, "DreAllDay" has changed the lives of over 60 million entrepreneurs, athletes and business professionals, sold thousands of copies of his books, courses and programs, pioneered personal branding through content, and built a business that helps tens of thousands of people master their "Game" in business, sports and in life, from the inside-out.
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